As Audubon wrote

Again, however, he was referring to migratory geese. As Audubon wrote, “The greater number of those which visit us from still more northern regions, return in the vernal season, like many other species, to the dismal countries which gave them birth.” Those dismal countries, apparently, would be Canada, which is where Joni Mitchell migrated from. Audubon was not anti Canada, though he must have been grumpy when he wrote the goose entry.

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canada goose parka Bonhams’ marine sale offers, besides two Montague Dawson seascapes at pounds 12,000 pounds 18,000 and pounds 18,000 pounds 25,000, a meticulous “sailor’s model” of a 1780 East Indiaman that means a model scratch built by an amateur. Despite the derogatory tag, such models are often expertly made, the estimates bearing no relation to the time spent on them sometimes 3,000 hours or more. The sale catalogue names the maker of this one as “Mr M Saville Swithin”, and says he designed the hull from drafts in the National Maritime Museum and from paintings by Luny and Clevely canada goose parka.
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